Horse Racing Tipster Proofing

Proofed records for all the major horse racing tipsters


Racing Proofing exists to provide an independent verification of a horse racing tipster service's record. Horse racing advisory sevices, otherwise known as tipsters, provide tips, either for money or for free of charge, for punters looking to make a profit from racing, who either are unable to beat the bookmaker themselves, do not have the time to research their own betting, or just wish to complement it.

If you are a punter looking for a decent tipster to follow, use the menus on the left or below of this site to browse the analysis pages of each tipster and see how they rank in Racing Proofing various tipsters leagues.

Tipster perfomance over all proofed bets received

Tipster performance over all tips received 
(includes those not proofed by us - utilise this league table with caution)

Tipster performance over the past 3 months

Tipster performance over the past 6 months

Tipster performance over the past 12 months

Please note that none of the information provided by Racing Proofing about any of the services it monitors is an endorsement that one should use them for gambling purposes.

If you are a tipster and run a professionally-minded horse racing advisory service, take a look at the terms to see if you would like to have your service proofed to Racing Proofing.





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