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Friday Freebie - Free cash for the weekend!

Every Friday we study the latest Bookmaker & Casino bonuses to create risk free cash making opportunities for you!.

There's no form to study, no dodgy tipsters, just make some quick bets and make some easy money just in time for the weekend.

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Current Friday Freebie Offer
(with thanks to

£1,100 from a scratch card!

Just a little bit of fun on something you may not have done before.

How about a nice and easy shot at some “big” prize money.  Scratchcards have never really featured on our radar as a money making idea but thanks to SCRATCH2CASH I think this is worthy of a shot and you don’t even need to do the clicking yourself.

SCRATCH2CASH  were founded in 2005 and through our experience and a passionate team of employees we have been committed to bringing you the most exciting, fair, secure and entertaining scratch cards on the net. Neogames is the pioneer and global leader of the electronic scratch card market. As the first company to have committed itself exclusively to electronic scratch games, they host the largest number of players worldwide, and offer the most extensive portfolio of interactive scratch games.

SCRATCH2CASH  is a wholly owned subsidiary of NG International Ltd., a Malta based company. NG International Ltd. is a fully licensed operator (LGA/CL4/400/2007) under the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. SCRATCH2CASH has 30 exciting games with 1 in 3 chances of winning. The jackpot offered is up to £200,000.

We must stress that on its own this is not risk free, however you could make it so by obtaining some risk free profits from free bets offers and then using some of the winnings to have a go at this one, always better when you are playing with someone else's money! 

They are offering a fantastic 200% bonus (says 100% on the homepage) but once you get registered they will offer you a free £5 or a 200% bonus, not sure how long this is on for so grab it while you can.  Your deposit must be wagered x5 and the bonus must be wagered over 20x on any of the scratchcard games.

So I dropped in £25, got an instant £50 bonus (so I had to do £1125 in wagering), no problem, the games have built in AUTOPLAY, hurrah.  I setup Bingo Bonanza at £5 a card for 8 cards and set it on 30 games (£1200 wagering), hit the Turbo button and off she went.  Popped back 10 minutes later and had finished on a very nice £85, so £60 in £10 is my kind of hourly rate!

You can deposit as little as a tenner (or upto £200) so that will give you £30 (or £600) to play with so well worth a shot, as there are some big prizes on the games.  Like we say not risk free but for a no effort chance of scooping a decent prize then this is hard to beat.

Happy scratching and do let us know how you get on, as we can publish the results on the site as we get them.

Remember this isn’t risk free, but the 200% bonus gives you a half decent chance of pulling in a profit.

Here are the links to get signed up with:


Look at this feedback.....

A message from Martin, wow!!

"Just a quick note of thanks for the link. I deposited £100 and got the £200 bonus. A couple of hours later, having turned over the required £4000 on scratch blackjack I cashed out £1130! Not quite up there with your brother in law but pretty close and pretty impressive"

Remember my brother-in-law scooped £1285on New Year’s Eve

Straight up this is superb, don't miss out.....

Then on 02/01 - another £365 winner, Happy New Year and a £260 reported yesterday too, brilliant!

So far profits of £1285, £1030, £540, £365, £260, £241, £225, £172, £127, £90, £74, £66 and £52 reported back to us, as well as a few more under £50.  Bet72er's keep on scratching.....

PS This is partner friendly too if you can play from a different PC, brilliant!


More about the Friday Freebie

With the credit crunch starting to bite, we could all do with a bit of extra cash in our back pocket and this is what the Friday Freebie is all about. Every Friday afternoon you’ll receive details of how you can take advantage of bookmaker & casino sign up bonuses to make anything from an extra fiver to £1,000 for your weekend.

An extra tenner a week is £500 a year tax free and you don’t have to work all those extra hours at only and watch the tax man take a third of it! So whether you want to add to your savings pot, or use it to buy a pint on Saturday night, we hope the Friday Freebie will be a welcome bonus. We even know one person using these methods to pay for some of his wedding!

How does it work?

All instructions will be included in the email and on the page here. However here’s a quick summary of what to expect.

There are various types of freebies out there. The main one is the bookmaker sign up bonus which generally reward you with a free bet when you place your first bet with them. This can be anything from £10 up to £1000. Most people blow this but by using betfair you can lay off part of the free bet. Say you lay off half a free bet of £50, if it wins you get £50 less your lay (£25), if it loses you lose the free bet, but it was FREE so you make money on the lay (£25). No matter what happens, you get £25 completely risk free.

Ongoing promotions & casino bonuses

Just because you’ve already got accounts with all the bookmakers, doesn’t mean there aren’t any bonuses to be had. There are regular deals sent out that we spot and send on. For example, betfair credited you £10 for placing a financial bet on their new website Tradefair. Simply opening and closing a trade took 2 seconds and meant a loss of 50p, but that qualified you for the £10 bonus. £9.50 for less than a minutes work. Easy money! We’ll be providing a good mix of sign up bonuses and ongoing promotional bonuses.

Casino bonus bagging isn’t 100% risk free, but there are ways to bag bonuses of up to £250 with minimal risk to your own account. We’ve had reports of some people making thousands doing this.


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