Want to proof your service to Racing Proofing?

If you run a serious horse racing advisory service and would like to be proofed by Racing Proofing and appear in the Tipsters' League, please read the TERMS below and then e-mail Racing Proofing at the address at the bottom of this page.


Racing Proofing does not proof personal records or blogs of betting. To be considered for proofing you should have an active service (website, phoneline, sms or other delivery media) with a membership. The service need not be run by professionals, but it should have a professional attitude towards its management.

Additionally, Racing Proofing will no longer consider proofing services without their own domain name, and will no longer accept services hosted on free hosting domains. In Racing Proofing' experience, such tipsters offer little long term value and professionalism to the punter wishing to use an advisory service, who may wonder why they are being charged for subscription when the tipster cannot be bothered to purchase their own domain and hosting (for as little as $50 per year).

Racing Proofing will no longer consider proofing tipsters who consider it acceptable practice to charge upwards of $1,000 per month for tips, or a similarly large fee for a specified number of tips. Such services have given no consideration to that amount of money that punters, on average, will need to wager in order to see a return from their subscriptions, even if the records prove to be profitable. A 1-month record of 30 bets and 10% yield (the average number of monthly bets and yield across all tipsters currently proofing to Racing Proofing), for example, at a subscription rate of $1,000, would require a level stake size of $333 just to cover the cost of the subscription, well beyond the means of most punters. More importantly, from the point of view of the punter, there is no evidence at all to suggest that such services are any better at delivering profit than those services who charge nothing or an acceptably sized subscription fee.

Racing Proofing will under no circumstances consider tipsters who claim their tips are "fixed", that is to say based on "insider information". Such tips are at best fake, and at worst damaging to the credibility of the sports that punters are betting on.

If your service is accepted for proofing Racing Proofing will need to receive all tips by e-mail in advance of start times, including the advised selection(s), odds, stake size, date and bookie. Advised odds should be fair, in the sense that your members should generally be able to take them at the advised price. When exchange prices are used 5% commission is taken into account in the recorded betting odds, and tipsters should also ensure that there is sufficient trading volume available for members to take. Any tips issued but not received by e-mail will not be entered into the record. The tipsters leagues are updated once fortnightly.

To apply to proof your advice to us here or if you have any questions please email us via:

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